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Hey all.
As we enter COVID-19 level two restrictions for the next month, Armageddon is working towards our (hopeful) upcoming events in July and August in Christchurch, Tauranga and Wellington.
Our hope is that we will be able to hold these events as planned but have a number of updates and backup plans in the works as we look towards these events two months from now. These include:

  • Tickets will not be on sale until July 1st. This is to avoid any issues and will only go on sale if we are supremely confident that we will be proceeding.
  • Contact tracing. We expect that this will be something at all events for the next few years will need to have in place and are talking with our ticketing companies regarding this currently. We expect that the easiest (and probably only) option will be for pre-purchase of tickets will be required for all events to enable tracking of attendees. Will update as we know more.
  • Currently we can hold the events if we are in Level ONE of Covid-19 restrictions, however it is possible that this might change or have some restrictions on it. If this happens, we will advise and work in with our plans.
  • Virtual Guests. Click HERE for details on what a Virtual guest is and how these effects the guest aspect of the events for 2020.

We are working towards the upcoming events with every intention of holding them as planned, but will make a firm decision on if they will be proceeding as more information comes to us. Our planned go/no go date for the events is June 23rd when our advertising must go out. We strongly recommend not booking flights or hotels until this date and we can confirm that the event is highly likely to proceed.
If we get more clarity that we will be set to proceed we will post online, so do check this website regularly as well as the event social media.


We will begin announcements of the Virtual guests attending these events on May 25th onwards. Currently these include stars from Lucifer, Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, The Flash and Star Trek Discovery (and more).
These will be posted on the events social media with updates as we move forward.


This event is currently looking good to be held as planned and we are hoping for no issues, however again, at this time there is no way to guarantee this.
We will be opening up exhibitor bookings shortly (we have been waiting for level two to commence), so if you are looking to exhibit please do contact us.
We will be delaying ticket sales to September 1st (instead of our usual August 1st) for some additional security.

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Upcoming Events

Auckland Armageddon

October 23-26th 2020, ASB Showgrounds
Friday 23rd October - 6pm to 9pm
Saturday 24th October - 9am to 5pm
Sunday 25th October - 9am to 5pm
Monday 26th October - 9am to 5pm

Christchurch Armageddon

March 6-7th 2021, Horncastle Arena
10am to 5pm Both Days

Tauranga Armageddon

June 12-13th 2021, Baypark Arena
10am to 5pm Both Days