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We have more than 60 celebrity guests lined up for virtual panels at #AUCKGEDDON 2020! But what actually is a virtual panel? We've put together this video to show you exactly what these panels look like, and how incredibly interactive they are! Celebrity guests will appear live via video conferencing at the Auckland Armageddon Expo, and fans will have the opportunity to get up on the couch to chat with their favourite celebrities and ask any questions they might have. To check out the full list of virtual celebrity guests, visit our website: Make sure to grab your tickets to our 25th anniversary event here: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be in the loop! Details on the Facebook event page: #armageddonexpo #comiccon #auckland #celebrityguests #virtualpanel #fandom #25years #silveranniversary #gaming #cosplay #anime #comics #collectables

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What is this?

With the current Covid-19 epidemic, there is currently no way to have physical international guests attend any of the 2020 (and probably 2021) due to quarantine rules and travel restrictions.
Faced with this issue, Armageddon has created an all new experience for all of our events in 2020 that is unique to NZ… A Virtual Guest experience with a live audience.

For all of our 2020 events we will be hosting a wide variety of celebrity TV and Movie stars, Animation voices and more on the events stages, with the guest beaming in from overseas and on to massive screens on the events stages to interact with attendees and our stage host directly.
This will allow fans to have the full celebrity experience, ask questions directly and interact in real time with stars from all over the world.
This will also allow Armageddon to bring guests who we could not normally host, due to either filming or time restrictions, opening up a massive variety of talent far beyond what we could normally offer.
For example, currently we plan to be hosting stars from The Flash TV series at all of our 2020 events, something that we would not normally be able to do as they film during the events dates, but entirely possible with virtual appearances.

Due to the nature of the virtual guest, we will not be announcing the event schedule for each event until 2 weeks before each event as we will need to work in wit

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Upcoming Events

Christchurch Armageddon

March 6-7th 2021, Christchurch Arena
9am to 5pm Both Days

Wellington Armageddon

April 17-18th 2021, Sky Stadium
9am to 5pm Both Days

Tauranga Armageddon

June 12-13th 2021, Baypark Arena
9am to 5pm Both Days