Auckland Spring - October 21-24th Update

Posted August 10, 2022

After two more tremendous events we now move to the final planned three shows, with Auckland Spring set for Labour weekend and then Wellington and Christchurch in December.

We wanted to give you an update on plans for Auckland now that it is two and a half months away. Currently behind the scenes we are moving ahead, with exhibitors and events booked in, a full line-up of IN-PERSON celebrity guests, amusements and more already to go.

However right at this moment the Auckland Showgrounds is closed as there is still no firm decision on who is managing the venue. We are expecting progress on this over the coming week or so (hopefully sooner rather than later) as there seems to be things happening behind the scenes and will start announcing guests and promotion as soon as we get the full go-ahead.

So, stay tuned, keep your fingers crossed and we will expect to see you all at the biggest event of the year in Labour Weekend.

P.S. Not forgetting Wellington and Christchurch, both looking amazing. Details will be announced in October but expect some new things (including a new venue for Christchurch).



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