Auckgeddon tickets on sale now!

Posted August 1, 2017

#Auckgeddon tickets are now fully on sale!
This year’s event will be the NZ geek equivalent of the Rugby World cup and Americas Cup running on the same weekend and then having a very geeky baby wearing Cosplay. Tickets are already selling fast for certain areas, so visit and get yours now!

Here’s a breakdown of ticket sales currently…
ALL VIP tickets (Ultra and Full XP passes) are sold out.

  • Tom Felton tokens – 75% of 12.30pm Sunday tokens have sold, but all others are still plentiful, so if you want that session best to order them now, however we have plenty of the Monday sessions remaining.
  • John Barrowman and Nathan Fillion tokens – are selling very well, but evenly, so plenty remaining.
  • Autograph/Photo tokens for remaining guests – These will be on sale to the public September 29th (28th for VIP’s).
  • General event tickets – There is potential that we will sell out before the event for certain days, however this won’t happen until much closer to the show. Currently we have sold only 5% of our ticket capacity, so don’t panic, we have plenty available.

We aim to have a preliminary show schedule online by next weekend (please note, this will be subject to change) so you can start planning your event waaaaay early this year. As we progress, we will keep you updated both on the event website, but primarily through our social media (so make sure you are following us on Twitter and Facebook!), so make sure you keep an ear open for us. We are adding significantly more staff to the event in the celebrity areas, additional marquees with extra stands, bigger gaming and technology displays and events, ESports gaming, more outside events and more to come.
Over the coming twelve weeks (oh god its less than twelve weeks away!), we will be posting special events and more information on the expo as we add more and more to this colossus.

Our aim is to make this the single greatest Geek event in NZ history, where years from now, you are telling your children and your children’s children about the 2017 Armageddon expo, and that you were there. So, spread the word, share the love and get your cosplay ready!




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