Viva La Dirt League



  • Photo Costs - $100 - all proceeds to be donated to Canteen Aotearoa
    Photo Times
    Saturday 15th June - Noon
    Autograph Costs - FREE
    Autograph Times
    Saturday 15th June - 12.15pm to 1.30pm
    Panel Times 
    Saturday 15th June - 11am Main Stage

About Viva La Dirt LEague

Viva La Dirt League are a dynamic content creation collective operating out of Auckland, founded by Adam King, Alan Morrison, and Rowan Bettjeman. Evolving into a highly successful YouTube channel and production company, their content entertains over six million subscribers across various platforms. Alongside Ellie Harwood, Britt Scott Clark and Ben Van Lier, the channel has become known for their witty sketch comedy in popular series’ such as Bored and Epic NPC Man. Their success extends beyond short sketches, with the production of the short film ‘Baelin’s Route,’ based on their beloved ‘Epic NPC Man’ characters, following a triumphant Kickstarter campaign. Carving out a niche in New Zealand’s film production landscape, Viva La Dirt League, have established a film studio boasting Auckland’s largest permanent Green Screen. With innovation and humour at their core, Viva La Dirt League continues to redefine storytelling, captivating audiences worldwide.

Guest appears work and health commitments pending. 
Panel, photo and autograph times are subject to change.
Fee applies for autographs and photos purchased. 


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