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  • Autograph Times
    10.30am to Noon and 2pm to 4.30pm
    Both Days
    Panel Times 
    Saturday 15th June - 11am - Hench & Scrap’s Favourite Nifty Niche Cosplay Tools on Stage Two
    Sunday 16th June - 2pm - The Dawn Will Come: Cosplay Crunch, Self Care and Burnout on Stage Two

About Hench & Scrap

In 2016, two nerds met at PAX Australia. Both in Overwatch cosplay – Hench as Mei and Scrap as Reinhardt – they bonded over their shared love of ridiculously accurate video game cosplay and props. That day, the seed of Hench and Scrap was sewn.

Hench and Scrap was born from our shared love of obsessive dedication to detail and worldbuilding within our art. Since we formally founded the partnership in 2018, we’ve gone on to work on projects for some of the biggest names in gaming, making cosplay, props, trophies, influencer giveaways and more. As cosplayers, we have guested, judged cosplay competitions and presented informative maker workshops at every major Australian pop culture convention.

Our studio is located in Adelaide, South Australia, and encompasses a full size fabrication workshop complete with CNC mill, sewing studio with embroidery machine and electronic cutting machine, and a dedicated 3D print room housing our 8 resin & FDM 3D printers.

About Henchwench

Henchwench has been making costumes for over two decades, and above all else she relishes that magical moment when a project transforms from a pile of parts into a real object; a locus of story and worldbuilding. Her greatest passion lies in meticulous paint work and art finishing, and across her more than two decades spent as a professional maker she has garnered a truly formidable amount of experience as a professional costume maker.

Hench cut her teeth as a maker when she was a teenager working alongside her dad at Weta Workshop, before pursuing a costume construction degree at the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art, followed by a graduate certificate in costume design at at the Australian Film Television and Radio School, where she trained under Academy Award winning costume designer Tim Chappel. Her unique background gives her extensive experience in design, high end sewing techniques, and complex armor and prop work - a rare combination of skills.

Outside of her crafting skills, Clare is the classic hype girl when it comes to cosplay - building people up is what Hench does best, and she remains a vocally passionate champion of body diversity in cosplay. She was also the winner of the Australian Championships of Cosplay 2016, and represented Australia in Chicago in the globe-spanning C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in 2017.

Originally embarking on a career in film/TV/stage costume, in late 2017 she switched her plans entirely. Spurred on by the desire to marry her costume background with her lifelong love of video games, she decided to pursue video game cosplay as a career, and shortly afterwards founded Hench & Scrap together with Scrap Shop Props.

About Scrap Shop Props

Scrap prides himself on being almost entirely self taught. A lifelong maker, he has forged his career as a prop and costume maker for over half a decade.

Scrap's expertise in 3D modeling runs deep, having developed a broad range of skills in both adapting game assets for cosplay and modelling complex prop and costume pieces from scratch, with a focus on creating meticulously designed object interfaces that ensure a clean production process.

Hailing from an artistic family and growing up in the magical Queensland rainforest, Scrap developed a keen sense of wonder, imagination and worldbuilding. Combined together with an innate curiosity for figuring out how everything works and an insatiable appetite for garnering a simply preposterous variety of niche technical skills, it was perhaps inevitable that he found his calling as a prop and costume maker.

Scrap developed his love of transforming into character through costume when he connected with the LARP community, and it was there that he truly forged bonds with like-minded makers, eventually truly finding his people within the tight-knit cosplay community.

His first cosplay was Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect, and (not one to do things by halves), he immediately followed up by working with his housemate at the time on a seven-and-a-half foot tall build of Reinhardt from Overwatch, complete with articulated arm joints, stilts, and custom programmed lighting. It was after this project that he was approached by Blizzard, and shortly thereafter left his degree in mechatronic engineering to pursue a career in cosplay and prop making full time.

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