Dean Rankine

Simpsons Comics, Rick and Morty,
Death Metal Emo Elves, The Riverdale Diaries: Starring Veronica, Timmy the Ticked-Off Pony

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    10.30am to Noon
    Both Days
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    Saturday 15th June - 2pm to 4.30pm (Meet at Info Desk)
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    Sunday 16th June - 1pm Stage Two with Joshua Sky

About Dean Rankine

Dean Rankine is a Ledger and Stanley Award winning comic book artist, illustrator and writer best known for his work on Simpsons Comics and Rick and Morty. 

Dean’s credits include; Simpsons Comics #180, #182, #183, #184, #186, #200, #211, #225, #228, #231, #233, #234, #238, #240, Futurama Comics #62, Bongo’s Two One-Shot Wonders in One #1, Bart Simpson’s Pal, Milhouse #1, Simpsons Winter Wingding #7, #10, Bongo Comics Free-For-All 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2018, The Malevolent Mr. Burns #1, Bart Simpson Comics #78, #80, #82, #83, #87, #89, #91, #94, #95, #98, #99, The Greatest Bartman Stories Ever Told #1, Jimbo Jones #1, The Mighty Moe Szyslak #1, Krusty the Clown #1, Chief Wiggum's Felonious Funnies #1,The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror' #23 and The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Ominous Omnibus Vol. 2 : Deadtime Stories for Boos & Ghouls (Bongo Comics).

His other credits include; The Riverdale Diaries : Starring Veronica graphic novel (Archie Comics/Buzzpop). Rick and Morty : Super Spring Break Special (and variant covers) and Invader Zim #40 (Oni Press), Oggy and the Cockroaches #1, #2, #3, Oggy New Year - One Shot, Underdog and Pals #2, #3, Rocky and Bullwinkle : As Seen On TV #1, #2, Robonic Stooges #2, Laurel and Hardy Christmas Follies #1 and Laurel and Hardy Meet The Three Stooges #1 (American Mythology), The Hellboy Winter Special 2016 (Dark Horse), Fun With Little Archie and Friends Special #1 (Game Changer), Skottie Young's I Hate Fairyland #13, The Untold Tales of I Hate Fairyland #1-#3 and the UTOIHF Walking Dead 20th Anniversary cover (Image Comics), The Beano and The Dandy (DC Thomson), Zombie Tramp Does the Holidays and Cougar and Cub #5 (Action Lab), Talgard #2, Kongutan Vs Kraken (Gestalt) and Australian MAD Magazine (Next Media).

Dean is the writer/illustrator on the new book series - Death Metal Emo Elves (Redback Publishing). He wrote and illustrated; Can You Find the Easter Bunny (Scholastic) and Mrs Snitch is a Witch (Five Mile). 

He's the illustrator on the Timmy the Ticked-Off Pony series - written by Magda Szubanski. And illustrated the Funny Thing Happened to Simon Sidebottom series and On The First Day of School (Scholastic), The Mad Scientist (Pearson), the Stuff Happens series, A Lot of Stuff Happens omnibus and Morris Gleitzman's Extra Time and Help Around the House (Penguin Random House) Pac-Man : The First Animated TV Show Based Upon a Video Game (BearManor Media) and Superhero Therapy For Anxiety and Trauma (Jessica Kingsley Publishers). He also contributed illustrations to Bartman: The Superhero’s Handbook (Matt Groening Productions).  

He’s the creator of Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and Itty Bitty Bunnies: Cavalcade of Contraband (TPB) and Friendgasm (TPB) published through Action Lab.

He has written for The Phantom #1908, #1952 (Frew), Decay #21 (Dark Oz) and wrote and illustrated Baby's First Exorcism, Poetry of the Geek, My Dad is an Animal (Popsicle Press) and Be Batman : The Unofficial Superhero's Guide to Overcoming Adversity (Shooting Star). He is the co-creator of the UpBeat Geek mental health card set with Dr. Janina Scarlet (Pop Culture Hero Coalition). 

And (would you believe) he's one of the massive group of artists who currently hold the Guinness World Records for the 'Most Contributors to a Published Comic Book' and ‘Most Contributors to a graphic novel’. 

When he's not drawing Dean likes to eat pizza, play Dungeons and Dragons and watch cat videos. 

Dean’s available to draw you ‘Simpsons’ style and for the right price will happily put your head in a jar a la Futurama.

Guest appears work and health commitments pending.
Panel, photo and autograph times are subject to change.
Fee applies for autographs and sketches purchased.


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