Daman Mills

Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy VII Remake,
Digimon Adventure, One Piece, My Hero Academia, RWBY

  • Photo Costs - $60
    Photo Times
    Saturday 16th March - 1.15pm
    Sunday 17th March - 1.15pm
    Autograph Costs  
    FREE - autograph on provided 6x4" photo
    $50 - autograph
    $60 - Pop Vinyl
    Autograph Times
    11am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 4pm
    Both Days
    Panel Times
    Saturday 16th March - 2pm, Main Stage with Zach Aguilar
    Sunday 17th March - 10am, Main Stage with Zach Aguilar and Taylor Gray

About Daman Mills

Daman Mills is a voice actor and director. His best known voice credits include the Dragon Ball series (Frieza, Monaka), Final Fantasy VII Remake (Weiss the Immaculate), Honkai: Star Rail (Blade), SK8 the Infinity (Cherry Blossom), Shin Megami Tensei V (Aogami), My Hero Academia (Mustard, Moonfish, High-End), One Piece(Douglas Bullet, Tanaka), Pokémon Masters (N), Evangelion Rebuild films (Kaworu Nagisa), Cookie Run Kingdom (Milk Cookie), Haikyuu! (Osamu Miya), Trigun: Stampede (Legato Bluesummers), Digimon Adventure 2020 (Joe Kido), That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Diablo), Nanbaka (Jyugo), RWBY (Prof. Lionheart), Kuroko’s Basketball (Midorima), Borderlands 3 (Titus), Tokyo Ghoul:re (Shirazu), Yuri!!! On ICE(Yakov), Beastars (Kai), The Promised Neverland (Sonju), Blue Period (Yotasuke Takahashi), Kono Oto Tomare: Sounds of Life (Chika Kudo), and Mobile Legends Bang Bang (Aamon). 

Daman can also be heard in a number of video games such as: Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, World of Warcraft, The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie, Loop8: Summer of Gods, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, Lost Ark, Tales of Luminaria, Monster Hunter Rise, Fire Emblem Heroes, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, Chocobo GP, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Cris Tales, NEO: The World Ends With You, Phantom Breaker Omnia, Marvel Super War, Epic Seven, SMITE, Paladins, and Maple Story.

To keep up with Daman, follow @DamanMills on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok! Or check out his website: www.damanmillsvo.com

Guest appears work and health commitments pending. 
Panel and autograph times are subject to change.
Guest will sign one autograph for free on supplied 6x4" photo.
Fee applies for additional autographs and photos/selfies.


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