Autograph & Photo FAQs

It's been a hot minute since we've had in-person celebrity guests at Armageddon, so we thought we'd give you all a refresher on how the signings and photo sessions work!

For each event there will be a TOKEN BOOTH in or next to the signing area (which will be be marked on the map in the show guide) where you can purchase autograph and photo tokens with your fave stars. These tokens will be available to purchase throughout the weekend, so if there's someone you really want to meet make sure you grab yours once you get to 'Geddon! 

You can bring in your own item to be signed, or pick one of the amazing photos we'll have on offer for each guest! There will also be a professional photographer to capture a snap which will be printed out for you generally within 30 minutes, and digital versions will be available to purchase separately. 

What can I get signed by guests?

  • 8x10" photo - Guests will have a selection of 8x10" photos available to sign for a cost (price varies between each guest, check their individual bio pages on the Armageddon website for the specific prices)
  • 11x17" photo - Some guests (animation and cosplay guests) might have a selection of 11x17" photos available to sign for a cost (price varies between each guest, check their individual bio pages on the Armageddon website for the specific prices)
  • Personal item - You are able to bring in items to be signed such as books, games, DVDs etc. Please do not bring in items that are not permitted in the event such as bladed prop weapons etc.
  • Pop Vinyl - Some guests have a separate price for signing pop vinyls, but these work the same as personal items, you bring in your own pop to be signed, the guest will not have stock they will be selling on the day

How do I pay for the autographs/selfies? 
You are able to purchase tokens for autographs and selfies from the guests from the Armageddon Token Booth at each event, which can be found next to the Celebrity Signing Area at each event. 

When can I buy tokens?
Depending on the guest and/or the event, tokens may or may not be available to pre-purchase online before the events, but you can always buy them in person at the event from the Token Booth. If tokens are available to purchase before the event, these will be on sale through the ticketing website about two weeks before the event date. The Token Booth will be open right from when Armageddon opens to the public at 9am each day. You can buy any tokens at any time, so if you are wanting to buy a token for Sunday, you are able to purchase this on the Saturday, just make sure you don't loose your token!

Do I need a token for all autographs? 
Yes, all autographs have a cost and you need a token for each autograph you're wanting.

What if I miss the autograph or photo session? 
If you miss one session, you will be able to use your token at another session either day, but if you miss all the autograph or photo sessions due to not lining up in time, you will not receive a refund for any unused tokens.

What does a VIP Pass get me with Autographs and Photos?
If you have a VIP pass, you are able to show it to Armageddon staff in the signing or photo area, and you will be able to be moved to the front of the queue. 

What if I can't make it to Armageddon but still want an autograph?
Absentee packs will be available to purchase through the Armageddon Online Store a couple of weeks before the event.


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