September 2020

It’s been an exciting few weeks for console gamers… well Xbox fans, so far.

With the Xbox Series X only a couple of months away and all of the reveals from triple A studio’s fronting up with news on what will be releasing for this next gen beast.

For now however, as we yo-yo in and out of lockdowns gaming is still going fierce.

This last month has seen a few indie titles come in for PC – An Interesting Adventure of Mr. Paf was a surprisingly delightful puzzle platformer, and Blightbound, a cell shaded RPG that most definitely Unleashed itself.

Sticking with PC the biggest, and for some, most awaited resurrection of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator took to the skies.

A game that is so massive it maps the entire world in 3D. An endless swag of craft to fly from small two-seater Cessna’s through to big jumbo jet commercial planes and way, way more.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is game for everyone to be able to play, with cross-play on Xbox One and loadable, playable on almost any PC – no matter the specs. This is due to Microsoft cloud doing all the grunt work. Certainly one we recommend checking out.

Console based goodness was quiet, with a couple of notable titles, one being the very cute but challenging Ary and the Secret of Seasons.

Tell Me Why gives those that love an overload of drama in their gaming a full dose and for the motorheads, Descenders released. A full month is not complete without some brutally challenging RPG – Mortal Shell which is a darkly original game likened to Bloodborne or Dark Souls and everyone needs to do some brain stem harvesting now and then - the remake of Destroy All Humans.

Next time we catch up with you all of us will be in the know on Sony’s PlayStation 5.

For now, and as always – play on.

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