September 2019

With just on one month to #Auckgeddon to go the steady stream of games is in full swing.

Hearkening back to the days of Sega consoles (specifically Sega CD) when the video games industry dabbled in interactive FMV (full motion video) titles, ERICA is both a surprise and something different for PlayStation 4.

The dramatic title plays out like a film, where you are engrossed within the plot – but also you have control of the outcome by way of making decisions for the characters and the events.

Going from ‘you decide’ films and over to the Scifi; Control grappled our home consoles and PC’s in a supernatural based detective thriller of highly playable proportions.

For the past month, the Nintendo Switch wins again with two notable ports.

Pillars of Eternity found its place amongst Switch gamers with the transition from PC and home based console seamlessly adding to the high calibre titles now on the hybrid portable.

Torchlight II, originally releasing back in 2012 for PC (and 2015 on console) ports over to Switch playing out in an almost cell-shaded RPG to the likes of Diablo III.

And no month is complete without the weird and unique. BandaiNamco’s RAD sees a destroyed world (not once, but twice) from an Apocalypse and you, armed with your baseball bat and a heavy late 80s to early 90s vie, must save the world. Again. And try to restore natural order until you yourself become something less human.

A procedurally changing game that you will die a lot in.

And that’s a wrap from us at STG for this month. Game on!

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