October 2019

We are most definitely in the crazy season for video game releases.

As Xmas gets ever (and scarily) closer a mix of reboots, top shelf and indie games are releasing on an almost daily basis.

Activision’s Spyro Reignited Trilogy, which had already released on consoles, ported over to Nintendo Switch with fiery expectations, which it lived up to.

Staying with reboots and remasters (and Switch); Ghostbusters – The Game (released on console and Switch), LEGO Jurassic World and Darksiders II all released within the past month for portable hybrid. 

Most definitely a happy time for Switch owners.

Still, console and PC gamers were not left alone on the digital playing fields.

The Surge 2 fuses scifi and to a point RPG elements in a game that’s full of mech action with a difficulty level to the likes of the Dark Souls series.

WRC 8 tears up international tracks with real world physics and licenses enabling you for the first time to not only forge your own WRC career, but also manage everyone and everything.

And finally something different was Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. A game that sees you take control of primates, evolving them (and perhaps evolving with them too) in a prehistoric Sims like simulator title. 

With epic releases on the horizon and coming up super close in the next two months, the time now is for you to complete those games you’ve been crunching through for the past few months in prep for the Xmas launches all the while get ready for NZ’s BIGGEST pop culture and video gaming Expo in only a couple of weeks where some of these soon-to-release titles will be hands on.

Sort your cosplay, get in to it and game on.

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