July 2020

Wow what a month of video gaming June was.

From VR to Switch through to what is possibly the game of this year – The Last of Us Part 2 releasing.

Naughty Dog really know how to add the cinematic experience and extreme detail in to their games. 2013’s The Last of Us hit us all with gameplay we did not expect our PlayStation 3 consoles to be able to handle.

As we slowly usher in a new gen at the latter part of this year, The Last of Us Part 2 will always stand as one the greatest send offs to a superb console.

The game sees you take on the role of a now grown up Ellie. A survivor and hardened by this new way of life, living with the threat of militia like groups, the Infected and all the while handling usual teenage drams with friendships and relationships.

Our full review is here. If you want a spoiler free review go here.

While The Last of Us Part 2 sure did take the spotlight for June 2020 – there were other titles that are worthy of a mention that also released, and a varied bunch.

Nintendo Switch still in full force with game releases say a new chapter of Story of Seasons where players of the JRPG live and play in Mineral Town.

2K Games really complimented Switch owners with their ports of all Borderlands titles (excluding Borderlands 3) and the entire Bioshock saga.

Xbox got in on the action with Minecraft: Dungeons. For the petrol-heads Asseto Corsa released on all platforms (not Switch) breaking that grey line between simulator and video game.

Virtual Reality was also a takeaway for June. With PSVR’s Iron Man YOU become Iron Man in an adrenalin filled flight in a high tech super suit.

Horror fans for PC are treated (or scared) by House of Fear VR – a jump scare game of creepiness.

A busy month for all of us players, no matter what our preferred platforms are.

As always play on!

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