July 2019

As we welcome in August (already) not only is #AUCKGEDDON fast approaching, we have also had an interesting month of video gaming where for the most part we have warped back to 2009.

Mostly slated at the Switch, both first party and third party offerings and remasters released.

Fire Emblem jumped from the 3DS over to Switch in Fire Emblem: Three Houses with a bit of a gameplay and combat overhaul.

Red Faction: Guerrilla ReMARStered, originally releasing in 2009 certainly got ‘ReMARStered’ with its port to Nintendo’s Switch. Still the same game that we remember, an open red planet ripe for destruction and rebellion.

Another oldie but oh-so-goody is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, again releasing on Switch. The team based superhero action title from Capcom brings the Marvel Universe to the portable hybrid with the same isometric gameplay we experienced, also back in 2009.

Steering away from Switch, Bigben took a chance on a ‘Diablo-like’ RPG within the Warhammer Universe. Offering up a really engaging story, Warhammer Chaosbane released on Ps4 and Xbox One with a very satisfying dungeon crawling adventure.

And no month is not complete without the mention of a large franchise. Final Fantasy’s newest addition – Shadowbringer turned out to be a solid play for both fans of the Final Fantasy Universe and new-comers.

That’s our wrap up for this one – game on!

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