January 2021

Now that Xmas, New years and the year that was 2020 is behind us there’s another 12 months of new gaming ahead on the new consoles.

As the month of December started Immortals – Fenyx Rising hit on all platforms. A game similar to open world Zelda’s, somewhat cell-shaded and open world action. But it didn’t quite make the splash we hoped.

Kingdom Hearts Melody was a soon to follow – the clever mix of Final Fantasy and Disney, Melodies was a bizarre eclectic game that is one for the die hard fans only.

Godfall is a next gen game and a hybrid one at that. A mix of almost every genre you can imagine, it’s rich with loot, beautiful eye candy and one heck of a mix up in play.

Capcom re-released Devil May Cry 5. Remastered for next-gen it includes all DLC and of course has been given a 4K make over. A game that was devilishly great when it first released is made all that better.

Nintendo Switch fans weren’t left out either. DOOM Eternal blasted a port on to the portable / docked console. Retaining all of the Sci-Fi mix with horror FPS carnage, you can conquest enemies at home or on the go.

And finally to close out the year was Cyberpunk 2077.

A game marred by controversy and PlayStation removing it from their Store – a game so huge, so detailed that PS4 and Xbox One struggled to play.

On next gen and high spec PC Cyberpunk is the game that it is meant to be – a gritty, raw RPG in a truly open world activity filled future city.

For now, and as always – play on.

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