Gut Buster Eating Challenge


Five rounds of eating challenges - $100 cash prize for the winner in each round. Different contestants in each round. THE GUT BUSTER CHALLENGE RETURNS!!!

Previous horrors we've unleashed on our unlucky contestants:

  • The Milky Terror - Who can drink 2L of milk the fastest, AND not puke for 30 seconds
  • The Marshmallow Odyssey - Can you eat a massive bag of marshmallows?
  • Ice Cream Duo - You and a partner must eat 2 ice creams (on sticks) without using your hands
  • Go Nuts for Donuts - Hands-free doughnut eating challenge
  • Are You Pickled? - Can you eat a jar of pickles (and drink the juice)
  • Habanero Challenge - Eat 1kg of habanero peppers. Fastest wins.

Come along on the day and see what we can you can power through for cold hard cash!!!


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