Cosplay Hub

We are pleased to bring you The Cosplay Hub! This is a space for cosplayers to hangout, meet, greet and interact with each other, as well as show off their costumes at conventions! 

Some of the things you'll be able to find at the Cosplay Hub:

  • - Basic cosplay repair kits to get patched up and back to the con floor.
  • - QR code sign up for the cosplay parade
  • - Dedicated Cosplay Timetables to easily find any events happening throughout the weekend
  • - Cosplay related workshops and mini panels
  • - A safe space to rest your feet to get back to the con floor in top top shape.
  • - And more coming throughout the year!

We will be seeing what things we can add and improve each convention to make this a safe haven for all cosplayers and our community.


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