Armageddon Photo Wall

Armageddon Expo's national cosplay photographer Kohika Creative brings the official Armageddon Expo Photo Wall to all Armageddon events!
This is your opportunity to get free watermarked photos whether it's of your amazing cosplays or photos with your friends and family.

For Palmerston North 2024, we will have a special guest photographer running the Photo Wall over the weekend. 

Instagram - @Whai_studios
Facebook - WHAI Studios

Kia Ora, my name's Mariaan Meipara Veuger and I go by she/they pronouns. Some of you will know me as Aiko_Kindred or WHAI Studios. I studied Photography at The Universal College of Learning (UCOL) 6 months in Wanganui and 2 years in Palmerston North.

Limit 2 images with maximum 3 people per photo.
These are watermarked photos uploaded in 2-3 weeks after Armageddon weekend to with highlights also on Instagram: @kohikacreative.

Non watermarked, full resolution versions of the images will also be purchasable during the event via email where you can request light special effects editing if needed (fire, embers, smoke etc.)


Kohika Creative has been around the pop culture circle for 10+ years and is one of the biggest names in New Zealand's cosplay community.
Starting as a cosplayer themselves, they aim to bring out the best potential of everyone's cosplay and make them look as awesome as they feel in their characters.
We also offer this professional service to everyone regardless of budget to add to the many experiences for people attending Armageddon Expo and is open to all attendees including kids and families, whether you're in cosplay or not. Visit us with some poses ready to go and we can get creative!

PLEASE NOTE: Kohika Creative is the only Official Cosplay Photographer endorsed by Armageddon Expo, aside from the occasional guest photographer that will have a limited time on the Photo Wall, and we do not encourage any paid photo shoots inside any of our events. Our goal is to allow for full accessibility for anyone to have professional photos taken on the Photo Wall for free.


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