Props Comp

Prop makers and crafters, this competition is for you! During Winter Auckland Armageddon, the New Zealand Cosplay Competition team is holding a Props Competition with Spicy Thai Design as our guest judge. 

SpicyThaiDesign is a hobbyist concept designer, printmaker, props and costume maker from Wellington, working at Weta workshop in the Specialty Costume Props team. He has created works for movies such as Disney’s Mulan and Marvel films as well as published books on cosplay!

For this Prop Comp, entry criteria defined as something a video game character picks up or interacts with/uses, but doesn’t wear on the body e.g: 

  • - Weapons 
  • - Tools
  • - Shields 
  • - Staffs 
  • - Canes 
  • - Guitars 
  • - Books 
  • - Torches 
  • - Keys 
  • - Bottles 
  • - Health & Mana Potions etc.

This competition will be run much like the Cosplay Competition, registration opens 9am Thursday 20th April, entries must be submitted using the online form by 11.59pm 21st of May, two weeks prior to the competition date. Please remember - Your Prop does not need to be completed to submit your registration form!

Registration opens 9am Thurs 20th April

Prop Comp Rules

  • Please note that the Armageddon Props Policy applies to this competition.

No real weapons are allowed to be brought into the event – no exceptions

All items brought into the event must be legal to carry in public places, for more details on items that are legal to carry please refer to the Crimes Act 1961. However, for added safety and security, some items that may be legal for you to own or carry are not welcome at our events if they violate our weapons policy.

To be allowed into an Armageddon Expo event, your prop must meet the following criteria:

  • - Your prop weapon cannot be more than 2 meters long or weigh more than 5 kilograms.
  • - Your prop weapon should be made of a convention appropriate material such as foam, plastic, rubber, lightweight wood or fabric.
  • - Metal armor is allowed when fixed to a costume as long as there are no exposed sharp edges, for example, chainmail, bolts and hinges, small screws and nails, jewelry, goblets, cups
  • - Loose metal chain accessories must be less than 30 centimeters long
  • - All prop bows must be unstrung or have a low-tensile thread and prop arrows must have non-metal, blunted tips
  • - Lightsabers with a metal hilt are permitted at Armageddon as long as the total weight of the full item is less than 1kg

The following are examples of weapons/items that you cannot bring to Armageddon Expo under any circumstances:

  • - Firearms of any description e.g. Rifles, shotguns, hand guns, blowguns.
  • - Tasers and laser devices e.g. Laser pointers
  • - Explosives or other incendiary devices
  • - Metal weapons - these can include but are not limited to; knives, swords, daggers, switchblades, axes, hatchets, metal pole-arms, ninja stars.
  • - Blunt weapons/sports equipment e.g. nunchucks, brass knuckles, whips.
  • - Homemade stilts
  • - Roller skates, skateboards, hoverboards, heelys and scooters.
  • - Drones or other motorised or remote controlled items.
  • - Helium balloons
  • - E-cigarettes or other vaping devices
  • - Lighters, matches or other flammable sources

Prop weapons are allowed only if they have been checked by Armageddon prop check when entering the event.

All prop weapons must be submitted to prop check when entering an Armageddon Expo event. Armageddon Expo staff and representatives have the sole discretion to approve prop weapons. Prop checks are located at the main entrance of any Armageddon Expo event. Once your prop is checked staff will put a bright cable tie around a part of your prop so other staff and attendees can see it has been checked. We may revoke the allowance of carrying a prop inside an Armageddon Expo event at any time in our sole discretion if the item is used inappropriately.


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