Armageddon Photo Wall

Armageddon Expo's national cosplay photographer Kohika Creative brings the official Armageddon Expo Photo Wall to all Armageddon events!
This is your opportunity to get free watermarked photos whether it's of your amazing cosplays or photos with your friends and family.

Watermarked photos are available online with fast access on the convention weekend. Non watermarked, full resolution versions of the images will also be purchasable. Limit 2 images per person or 1 per group.

All images to be uploaded to
Also highlights on Instagram: @kohikacreative

Kohika Creative has been around the pop culture circle for 10+ years and is one of the biggest names in NZ cosplay photography. Starting as a cosplayer themselves, they took on the responsibility of bringing out the best potential of everyone's cosplay through photography.

In late 2018 they funded and pushed for the international guest "Steamkittens" to make a massive initial impression on the first Armageddon Expo photo wall. The Armageddon Photo Wall was properly established in 2019, ran and managed by Kohika Creative with new and/or established cosplay photographers participating and sharing the limelight making it an all inclusive range. This has now evolved to full solo management and coverage from 2021 with support from Armageddon Expo.


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