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Appearing at Tauranga Armageddon

Most of the guests listed in the schedule below are VIRTUAL GUESTS, unless specifically stated that they are in-person, and will not physically be present at the event but will be beaming in from overseas and onto the event Main Stage screens to directly interact with attendees.

Saturday 23rd July

10.30am - Historical Medieval Battle display by Tauranga Armored Combat
11am - Wynonna Earp panel with Melanie Scrofano
Noon - Guardians of the Galaxy game panel with Jon McLaren, Kimberly-Sue Murray, Alex Weiner, Jason Cavalier and Robert Montcalm
12.45pm - Animation panel with IN-PERSON guests Joe Zieja and Mike McFarland
1.30pm - Stranger Things panel with IN-PERSON guest Grace Van Dien
2pm - Pokemon panel with Veronica Taylor and Rachel Lillis
3pm - Cosplay Parade
4pm - Chilli Eating Challenge

Sunday 24th July

11am - Shang-Chi panel with Meng’er Zhang
Noon - Batwoman panel with Javicia Leslie
1pm - Stargate SG1 panel with Michael Shanks
2pm - Arrow panel with Juliana Harkavy
2.45pm - Arrow panel with Rick Gonzalez
3.30pm - Red Light Green Light
4pm - Cosplay Contest

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