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Appearing at Auckland Armageddon

Saturday 26th October

Noon - Paul Amos panel
1pm - Patricia Tallman panel
2pm - Adam Croasdell panel
3pm - The Honky Tonk Man wrestling panel
4pm - VIP - Jodelle Ferland & Inbar Lavi panel
5pm - VIP - Natalia Cordova-Buckley panel

Sunday 27th October

11am - Jodelle Ferland panel
Noon - Gregg Sulkin panel
1pm - Antonia Prebble panel
2pm - Inbar Lavi panel
3pm - Lita wrestling panel
4pm - VIP - Sam Witwer panel
5pm - VIP - Sean Gunn panel

Monday 28th October

11am - VIP - Jon Heder panel
Noon - Steve Blum animation panel
2pm - Paul Amos panel
3pm - Gregg Sulkin panel
4pm - VIP - Supernatural panel with Ruth Connell & Rob Benedict

Schedule is subject to change. Check back regularly for updates.

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Auckland Armageddon

October 25-28th 2019, ASB Showgrounds
Friday 25 October - 6pm to 9pm
Saturday 26 October - 10am to 6pm (9am early access)
Sunday 27 October - 10am to 6pm
Monday 28 October - 10am to 5pm