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With Auckland Showgrounds currently closed, we are in peril. We have until 4pm Friday 30th September to hold out hope that we will be able to bring #Auckgeddon 2022 to all our thousands upon thousands of fans, staff, exhibitors, vendors etc. 

We have spent every waking hour working on this, reworking, praying, begging, and trying to find loopholes and ways to make this happen now so we can solidly move forward.

We have been talking with all parties involved with the venue, both current and future in the hope that we will be set, and in the end, it comes back to waiting for a High Court decision before we can get final permission.

Any support you can give us this week would be incredibly appreciated by us in the Armageddon team, so make sure to share #SAVEAUCKGEDDON everywhere you can and get the word out there so it can hopefully be seen by the right people and we can finally get an answer!