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Hey all, with everything that is going on I wanted to send out a general update on what’s happening with Armageddon (the event not this fresh hell we all are living in now) events for the remainder of the year.

We realize that this is going to be a very hard year for everyone, and we hope you are all home with your families and catching up on lots of shows, books and games that you have been putting off watching, reading or playing.

When this is all said and done, we hope to be a safe harbour for our fans once again and see you guys in person.

Towards that we wanted to give you an update on where we are at for 2020.


Currently we are still planning for the May 30-June 1st and June 6/7th dates and have firm event bookings. However with the current 4 week lockdown, we will be making a call on if we need to move these events late April, once the lockdown is done and we can see where we are all headed and what opens up (public gatherings in particular). We may make the call earlier if more information arises.
We have booked in with our venues backup dates for these shows and will move to these dates if we decide June is untenable.
We strongly recommend NOT booking any travel or accommodation until we fully confirm as currently literally anything can happen.
Our hope is that this 4 week lockdown nerfs this issue and things start returning to some sort of normalcy by May, but planning for an alternative seems prudent just to be safe.
We will send out updates once we have more information and any changes occur.


This event is set for August 1/2nd and currently planning ahead with this goal in mind, no real changes beyond the date change already advised.


This event is currently all set to happen as we fully expect things to be stabilized within NZ by October. Certainly, we will be in a different world by then but with changes we are expecting to have to adjust the event to match.

And that’s us for the moment.

Do keep an eye on the events social media for some contests, our VIRTUAL COSPLAY CONTEST (find out more information about that HERE) that will be held on Saturday April 11th as well as some special Celebrity events we are working on to feed your geek needs over the next month.

Stay safe out there, stay at home, be kind to one another, and we will see you all hopefully very soon.

Bill Geradts
Armageddon Event Organiser

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Upcoming Events

Auckland Armageddon

October 23-26th 2020, ASB Showgrounds
Friday 23rd October - 6pm to 9pm
Saturday 24th October - 9am to 5pm
Sunday 25th October - 9am to 5pm
Monday 26th October - 9am to 5pm

Christchurch Armageddon

March 6-7th 2021, Horncastle Arena
10am to 5pm Both Days

Tauranga Armageddon

June 12-13th 2021, Baypark Arena
10am to 5pm Both Days