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Viva La Dirt League - One Day Only!

Autograph Costs: FREE
Autograph Times (Times are subject to change): 

Noon to 1.30pm Saturday 11th June

Panel Times (Times are subject to change): 
2pm Saturday 11th June

Panels, autograph and photo session times are subject to change. Please check closer to event for up to date information.

These guests will be attending the event IN PERSON subject to work and filming schedule. They will be attending one day only, taking part in a single panel and autograph session. 

Adam, Alan and Rowan, the 3 minds behind the popular YouTube channel Viva La Dirt League are here to give an inside look into how the channel works, how they make so much content, and where the future of the channel is going. They will be joined at Auckland Winter Armageddon by Ben, Britt and Ellie.

Before the panel there will be a free signing by the cast - Adam, Alan, Rowan, Ben, Britt & Ellie. If you supported their latest Kickstarter and pledgee over $100USD to get THE VLDL POWER COIN, you will automatically have front of line access for their signing.

Check out their epic sketches and more:


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