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With the sucess of the virtual guest panels in 2020, we've decided to bring back another aspect of the shows that was missed last year - FREE animation guest autograph sessions, AND TV & movie celebrity autograph sessions! 

For the upcoming 2021 Auckland event, we have teamed up with a couple of epic animation voice actors who have pre-signed a limited number of 6x4 character photos, and a number of TV & movie celebrity guests to sign some 8x10 character photos, and sent them to us in NZ. (Plus VIP Pass holders get to have their TV & movie guest autographs personalised!)


At the events, there will be a one to two hour session each day where, for FREE, you can have the chance to have a short one-on-one conversation with the guest through a video call, just like you would back when we had guests physically attending the event, and after you've chatted to them, you will be able to take away one of the autographs they have signed for us.

These autographs will be limited to 200 per guest, with different guests appearing on different days, only doing one session each. 

These guests will not be doing a virtual panel on the main stage, so this will be the only chance to chat to them. 


Virtual Celebrity Autograph tokens give you the opportunity to purchase genuine a signed 8x10 sized photograph from a selection of international TV and Movie stars who will be beaming in to Armageddon from across the planet. Select guests will even be appearing virtually via zoom chat to interact with token holders one-on-one at a scheduled day/time. 

Each autograph is signed before the event and express freighted to the event before the expo, to be handed out at an official event virtual beam in from the guest, where you can speak with the star and receive the signed item.

Times listed on schedule and guest pages are correct as planned, however are subject to change dependent upon the guest’s schedule, so please check back. Should the guest become unavailable during the event due to scheduling changes, the signed item will still be supplied at the same cost but without the guest’s interaction.

VIP ticket holders will have the option for a personalised autograph, and general attendees will have the standard signature. Personalisation's are available ONLY to VIP Pass holders until September 10th.

These photos will generally be $50 each, exact prices will be promoted once the guests have been announced and before being available for purchase.
Some (but not all) guests will also be appearing in virtual panels during the event, so this may be your only chance to have a one-on-one chat with them.

This will work as follows:

  1. You purchase a token for a specific day and time for a specific guest and character photo. VIP pass holders will have an exclusive ‘personalised’ option for their autographs (this will only be available to VIPs for a limited time in order for the autographs to arrive in NZ in time for the event).
  2. Guest will sign items and their agent will send them direct to Armageddon offices before the event.
  3. You attend the event at the virtual signing time (an autograph token does not get you entry to the event, you will need a ticket to the event to gain entry as well in order to collect your autograph).
  4. Guest will appear virtually via zoom chat to interact with each attendee one-on-one who has purchased a signed autograph on a scheduled day/time.
  5. You receive the signed photo.

Times will be announced before items go on sale, however we expect these to take place in the first half of each day between 10am to 2pm.

Tokens do NOT include entry to the event.

PLEASE NOTE – These virtual signings are for event attendees only. While we may have a few autographs available after the event, we will be reserving all items to be signed for physical attendees first and will not release any overflow items until AFTER the event (if there are any left). Absentee packs will not be available for these autographs.

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