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With the NZ border starting to open up in 2022, we are finally able to start bringing back guests in-person to Armageddon! Going forward, we will have a mix of in-person and virtual guests appearing at Armageddon events, so we can get back to some sense of normalcy with guests like we used to host pre-covid, and we can continue to bring guests who we could not normally host, due to either filming or time restrictions, opening up a massive variety of talent far beyond what we could normally offer.

This means that we will once again be able to have the experience of meeting guests in person, getting autographs from them directly, having limited photo session opportunities, and multiple Q&A panels over the weekend, some of which might just include co-stars calling in virtually to join the panel.

Guest Autograph FAQs

What can I get signed by guests?

  • 6x4" photo - Animation guests will have supplied 6x4" photos available to sign for FREE (1 per person)
  • 8x10" photo - Guests will have a selection of 8x10" photos available to sign for a cost (price varies between each guest)
  • 11x17" photo - Some guests will have a selection of 11x17" photos available to sign for a cost (price varies between each guest)
  • Personal item - You are able to bring in items to be signed such as books, games, DVDs etc. Please do not bring in items that are not permitted in the event such as bladed prop weapons etc.
  • Pop Vinyl - Some guests have a separate price for signing pop vinyls, but these work the same as personal items, you bring in your own pop to be signed, the guest will not have stock they will be selling on the day


How do I pay for the autographs/selfies? 

You are able to purchase tokens for autographs and selfies from the guests from the Armageddon Token Booth run by iTicket. You will always be able to pay with cash directly to the guest.

Do I need a token for all autographs? 

Tokens are only required for items that are paid, you do not need a token for the free 6x4" photos, but these are limited to only 1 per person. 

What if I miss the autograph session? 

The animation guests will be doing two autograph sessions both Saturday and Sunday, so if you miss one session, you will be able to use your token at another session either day, but if you miss all the autograph sessions due to not lining up in time, you will not receive a refund.

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