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The Hillywood Show - YouTube Stars

Will be signing all weekend in Hall 6 on stand #1

Photo Costs: $50 Hillywood duo, $90 Hillywood/SPN group with Osric Chau
Photo Times: 
Saturday 20th October - 11.30am
Sunday 21st October - 3.45pm

Autograph Times (Times do not include panels and breaks): 
11am to 5pm Saturday/Sunday only
Autographs comes free with any merchandise purchase

Panel Times:
Saturday 20th October - 10am, Main Stage
Sunday 21st October - 10am, Main Stage

The Hillywood Show© is the brainchild of internet celebrities, comedy sister duo Hilly & Hannah Hindi. Each parody features song and dance parodies of blockbuster films such as The Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter along with popular TV shows & celebrities such as Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock! The Hillywood Show© has been recognized and approved by THE CAST OF SUPERNATURAL, BBC AMERICA, THE CAST OF DOCTOR WHO, LADY GAGA, SEAN ASTIN, BILLY BOYD, STEVEN MOFFAT, MARK GATISS, MTV and more!

With over 1.5 million subscribers, The Hillywood Show© continues to grow!

The Hillywood Show© is pleased to announce that they will have the following merchandise available to purchase from their stand in Hall 6!

Guests appear health and work commitments pending.
Fee applies for photos, and may apply for autographs as set by guest.

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