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Ray wise - twin peaks, Reaper, fresh off the boat

Photo Costs: $40 solo, $130 Weird Sisters and the Devil with Tati Gabrielle, Abigail Cowen & Adeline Rudolph
Photo Times: 
Saturday 13th April - 3.15pm solo, 4.20pm Weird Sisters and the Devil
Sunday 14th April - 3.15pm solo
Monday 15th April - 2.40pm solo

Autograph Costs: $30
Autograph Times (Times are subject to change): 
Saturday 13th April - 2pm to 4.30pm
Sunday 14th April - 2pm to 4.30pm
Monday 15th April - 2pm to 3.30pm

Selfie Costs: $30 selfie only, $60 selfie and professional photo package
Selfie Times (Times are subject to change):
Saturday 13th April - 2pm to 4.30pm
Sunday 14th April - 2pm to 4.30pm
Monday 15th April - 2pm to 3.30pm

Panel Times (Times are subject to change): 
Saturday 13th April - 1pm Stage Two
Sunday 14th April - 2pm Stage Two

If Ray Wise looks familiar, there’s a good reason for that… he’s been in pretty much everything. He’s appeared in CAT PEOPLE, THE JOURNEY OF NATTY GANN, ROBOCOP, BOB ROBERTS, RISING SUN, THE CHASE, POWDER, JEEPERS CREEPERS II, and GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK, and on TV shows like DALLAS, THE COLBYS, KNOTS LANDING, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, STAR TREK: VOYAGER, 24, CHUCK, MAD MEN, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, AGENT CARTER and REAPER. He voiced Perry White in the animated movie SUPERMAN/DOOMSDAY, can currently be seen in the hit sitcom FRESH OFF THE BOAT, and recently provided the voice of Commissioner James Gordon in the animated movie adaptation BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE. But most know him best for his work as Leland Palmer on David lynch’s TWIN PEAKS series and its revival, and the movie TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME.

Guest appears health and work commitments pending. 
Fee applies for photos and autographs. 

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