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King Vader - Youtube


Panel Time: 

Panel days and times are subejct to change. Please check closer to event for up to date information.

This guest is a VIRTUAL GUEST and will not physically be present at the event but will be beaming in from overseas and onto the event Main Stage screens to directly interact with attendees.

Each guest present will ONLY be doing one, one hour panel at each event listed, so check this page closer to the event for exact appearance days and time.

Guest attends virtually subject to work and filming schedule.

KING VADER, born Dominique Varrett, is an innovative content creator and YouTuber who writes, directs, and producer that has amassed over 1 billion views. 

At 17, Vader took to Vine to showcase his creative dance moves, anime expressions and explosive personality. He quickly gained more than 500,000 followers and millions of views per video.

He has since transitioned to Instagram and TikTok and continues to set trends and break down barriers. He has directed countless short films and commercials for such brands as Burger King, Netflix, Google and WarnerBros, among others. 

His reimagining of classsic Marvel Super Hero's with an entire cast of BIPOC actors has been a mission for cultural celebration and incorporation. 

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