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Saturday 21st October - 11am to 1pm and 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Sunday 22nd October - 11am to 1pm and 3pm to 4.30pm
Monday 23rd October - 11am to 1pm and 2.30pm to 4.30pm

PANEL TIMES (Subject to change)
Sunday 22nd October - 2pm - Comic panel on Upstairs Celebrity Stage with David Lloyd, Troy Little, Brenda Hickey and Richard Fairgray

Jill Thompson has been professionally writing and illustrating comics since she was a teenager. A Graduate of The American Academy of Art in Chicago, a 7 time Eisner Award winner. She is creator of The Scary Godmother. If you’re not familiar with that character, please follow these links and you’ll find two whole books and 500 pages worth of her stories!  

She is also the creator of the Magic Trixie series which is published by Harper Collins.  

Scary Godmother has not only been seen in comics, but also on stage and screen. In 2001, there were 26 performances of The Scary Godmother at The Athenaeum Theater in Chicago! That play was subsequently adapted into The Scary Godmother Holiday Spooktakular for is available The Cartoon Network. In fact it proved so popular that a request for another adaptation of a Scary Godmother story came her way and The Revenge of Jimmy was also brought to animated life! Jill worked closely with director Zeke Norton on each show and not only co-wrote the screenplay but also provided all character designs, many background paintings as well as art for a flash animated sequence! She was even able to do a voice at the voice record!

Jill has recently finished writing and illustrating Wonder Woman The True Amazon a fully painted graphic novel for DC Comics, available everywhere!  
She is also is the co-creator of Finals with Will Pfeifer for DC/Vertigo and Beasts of Burden for Dark Horse Comics with writer Evan Dorkin. .She has illustrated many other comics and books including Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Death at Death’s Door, The Little Endless Storybook, Delirium’s Party, The Invisibles, The Dead Boy Detectives, Seekers into the Mystery, Fables, The Badger, Mick Foley’s Halloween Hijinx, Tales from Wrescal Lane and much, much more. Lately she’s been very busy developing Scary Godmother toys through the generous help of Kickstarter backers and teaching comics storytelling with The School of Comics US!

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram for updates on all of Jill’s Stuff @theJillThompson. Coming soon  
You can demand her comics at finer comic shops everywhere!

Jill attends work and health commitments pending
Fees apply for any sketches as set by guest

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