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Eduardo Risso - 100 bullets, batman

Will be signing all weekend in Hall 1 on stand #118

Autograph Times: 
11am to 1pm and 2.30pm to 5pm all three days

Eduardo Risso was born in Leones, Argentina, in 1959.

He did his first professional work for the daily paper LA NACION and the magazines EROTICON and SATIRICON . In 1981 he started working for COLUMBA editions pencilling series like EL ANGEL and JULIO CESAR. In 1987 with writer Ricardo Barreiro he did PARQUE CHAS .
In 1988, he again worked with Ricardo Barreiro on CAIN. The same year he drew FULU, with writer Carlos Trillo.
After this, he continued his association with Trillo and several series followed: SIMON: AN AMERICAN TALE (Italy and France), VIDEO NOIRE (Italy and France), BORDERLINE (Italy), and CHICANOS (Italy and France).

In 1997 he did ALIEN: RESURRECTION for DARK HORSE and other works followed by several short stories for the VERTIGO imprint. He teamed up with Brain Azzarello on the miniseries JONNY DOUBLE which led to the creation of the multiple Eisner Award winning series 100 BULLETS. Also with Azzarello he did a highly successful run on BATMAN with the critically- acclaimed BROKEN CITY storyline, Batman: Flashpoint and recently Wonder Woman in DKIII.
The last work for DC Comics was Dark Night: a true Batman story with acclaimed Paul Dini.
He teamed with Brian K. Vaughan to do WOLVERINE: LOGAN, with Glen David Gold for the short story: One Hundred! for The Spirit, and with Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray JONAH HEX.

He’s currently working on MOONSHINE with Azzarello and TORPEDO 1972 with Enrique Sanchez Abulí.

Since 2010 acts as president of Crack Bang Boom - International Comics Convention in Rosario - Argentina.

He has won the EISNER, HARVEY and YELLOW KID awards for 100 Bullets and as Best Artist, and HARVEY award for Eduardo Risso’s Tales of Terror as Best American Edition of Foreign Material. The Inkpot award for achievement in Comic Arts 2017.

Guest appears health and work commitments pending. 

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