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Connor Trinneer - Star Trek: Enterprise, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate Origins

Photo Costs: $40 solo, $80 Star Trek: Enterprise duo photo with Dominic Keating
Photo Times: 
Saturday 1st June - 2.45pm Star Trek duo, 4pm solo
Sunday 2nd June - 2pm Star Trek duo, 4pm solo
Monday 3rd June - 1pm solo, 1.10pm Star Trek duo

Autograph Costs: $30
Autograph Times: 
Saturday 1st June - 1.30pm to 4pm
Sunday 2nd June - 1.30pm to 4pm
Monday 3rd June - 12.30pm to 1pm

Panel Times: 
Saturday 1st June - 1.30pm, Main Stage Star Trek: Enterprise with Dominic Keating
Monday 3rd June - 1.30pm, Main Stage Star Trek: Enterprise with Dominic Keating

Connor Trinneer discovered his love of acting while attending Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, not far from his hometown of Kelso, Washington.  Graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in acting, he continued his education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City where he earned his Masters of Fine Arts degree.  He made his professional debut in a production of Arcadia with the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston, and later performed off-Broadway in several productions, including Hamlet and The Tempest.  Before taking on the role of Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker in the fifth Star Trek series, Star Trek: Enterprise, Trinneer appeared on such television series as One Life to Live, ER, Touched by an Angel, and Sliders.  Following Enterprise, he guested on Numbers, NCIS, Without a Trace, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Closer and Lincoln Heights.  He has also appeared as the recurring character Michael Kenmore on Stargate Atlantis. 

Guest appears work and health commitments pending.
Fee applies for autographs and photos purchased.

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