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Claudia christian - Babylon 5

Panel Time: 
11am Stage Three, Sunday 25th October with Josh Cox

Panel days and times are subejct to change. Please check closer to event for up to date information.

This guest is a VIRTUAL GUEST and will not physically be present at the event but will be beaming in from overseas and onto the event Main Stage screens to directly interact with attendees.

Each guest present will ONLY be doing one, one hour panel at each event listed, so check this page closer to the event for exact appearance days and time.

Guest attends virtually subject to work and filming schedule.

Claudia Christian does it all, she's an actor, a writer, a musician, a singer, a director and she continues to expand her horizons. Christian made one of her most memorable performances in her feature film debut in the cult classic, The Hidden (1987), opposite Kyle MacLachlan. She went on from there to star in over 40 features including Clean and Sober (1988), starring Michael Keaton and Morgan Freeman, the leading role of "Hexina" in Columbia's comedy Hexed (1993), opposite Charlie Sheen in 20th Century Fox's The Chase (1994) and as a photographer in Adam Rifkin's quirky feature, Never on Tuesday (1989). 

In addition to her film credits, Christian's work in television is also extensive and includes the lead role as "Commander Susan Ivanova" in the Warner Bros. syndicated internationally-recognized top cult television series, Babylon 5 (1993). She has also starred in two TNT-produced TV-films based upon the series. "Babylon 5" has developed an enormous European following and twice won the Hugo award for best science-fiction television series. Christian received Sci-Fi Awards and Universe Awards best actress nominations for her role in the series.

One of Claudia's many passions is music and writing. She wrote both the lyrics and music for her first CD "Taboo", which she co-produced with Michael Jay. She also has produced and sung on two additional albums, "Claudia Squared", and the jazz & blues album, "Trying to Forget". Her long-awaited fourth CD, "Once Upon a Time", has her working again with the extremely talented musician and her Babylon 5 co-star Bill Mumy and recent winners of the John Lennon song-writing award, "Share and Bam Ross". Always expanding her musical horizons, she went to Scotland to record an album for the first ever Sci-Fi musical, "Area 51".

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