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Barbara dunkelman - RWBY, Rooster Teeth, Fairy Tail

Panel Time: 
Saturday 24th October Time TBC

Panel days and times are subejct to change. Please check closer to event for up to date information.

This guest is a VIRTUAL GUEST and will not physically be present at the event but will be beaming in from overseas and onto the event Main Stage screens to directly interact with attendees.

Each guest present will ONLY be doing one, one hour panel at each event listed, so check this page closer to the event for exact appearance days and time.

Guest attends virtually subject to work and filming schedule.

Barbara Dunkelman is an actor and voice actor based in Texas and is one of the main on-camera personalities at Rooster Teeth. In addition to Yang on RWBY, she voices Jensen in Red vs Blue, Nerris in Camp Camp and ORF in X-Ray & Vav. She is the host of the Always Open podcast and often appears on the Rooster Teeth Podcast, Immersion, Million Dollars, But…., and much more.

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