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The New Zealand Government has now announced the roll-out of vaccination certificates in New Zealand, with a plan to launch in November 2021. Commonly used overseas, the certificates would provide proof that individuals have been fully vaccinated, and the Government is likely to make the use of these certificates mandatory for large scale events, of which Armageddon definitely is.

In order to access your vaccination record information you will need a My Health Account or a Real Me account. Once logged in you will be able to see the name of the person vaccinated, the batch number and location and which vaccination was used.

Head to the My Covid Record website now (click on the link below) and register your details so once the feature to request COVID-19 vaccination certificates is available, you will be able to access it with no delay. 

My Covid Record Website

The Ministry is also working on a ‘verifier app’ that we, as event organisers, will use to scan and verify that a vaccine certificate is valid when you attend an Armageddon. This app will likely show a person’s name and confirm the certificate, without showing any private information. 

We fully support the policy to be fully vaccinated to attend large scale events, but please note that this will likely be a legal requirement anyway, and it is clear that if you wish to enjoy mass events and gatherings in NZ going forward, you will need to be vaccinated, and should do so now if you have not already.

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