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Auckland Armageddon 2019 FAQs

Where is the event?
ASB Showgrounds, 217 Green Ln W, Epsom, Auckland 1051

What kind of parking is available?
Car parking is available onsite at the ASB Showgrounds during most events on a first come, first served, basis. Cost of parking is, $5 for the first hour and $2 an hour there-after to a maximum of $19 per day, per vehicle. 

What kind of public transport is available?
Bus - For details on how to bus to the event, use the AT Metro Journey Planner: 
Train - Take the Southern Line Train to Greenlane Station
For full transport details, check out the transport page here:

What times is the show open?
Friday 25th October - 6pm to 9pm
Saturday 26th October - 10am to 6pm (9am early access)
Sunday 27th October - 10am to 6pm
Monday 28th October - 10am to 5pm

Is there an ATM?
Yes both events ATMs located in the main entry area. However, we always recommend bringing cash as some stalls only take cash.

What happens if I lose my child?
If you see or have lost a child, head over to the Info Desk. If you have lost a child, our staff members will ask for a description (gender, age, defining features, their outfit for the day) to help others locate your child or children. We recommend writing your phone number on your child’s arm in felt pen or labelling their clothes to help with this process.

Where can I find lost property?
Lost property will be stored at the Info Desk. Check in with our team there to see if they have your lost property. If you realise you’ve lost something after the event has closed you will need to contact the venue directly.

Is there cloakroom services?
No, sorry. The venue does not offer cloakroom services. Any valuables you have should be kept on your person or not brought into the venue.

Where is first aid?
First aid staff will be roaming the event. Please head to the Info Desk if you wish to contact First Aid about a serious injury.

What food is available?
There is a venue café with a range of food and drink available, and there will be a number of food trucks outside.

Can I bring my own food and drink?
Yes, you can. It is always good to bring water and some snacks.

Can I smoke at the venue?
No. ASB Showgrounds is a smoke-free location. You must be outside the venue in order to smoke.

Is the event accessible to those with wheelchairs?
Yes, both venues are accessible.

Can I leave the venue and come back in the same day?
Yes, but you will need to make sure you get a stamp as you leave the venue gates, which allows you one re-entry and is only valid for the same day your ticket was purchased for.

Can I film/take photos at the event?
General event photos and videos are accepted. Please note: filming panels and filming or photographing the celebrity guest signing area and photo booth is prohibited. For Media Enquiries please click here: 
Can I bring my drone?
No. Drones are prohibited both inside and outside the venue.

What is your photography policy?
Please be advised that photographs will be taken at this event for use on the Armageddon expo website, for use in promotional and/or marketing materials. By entering the expo, you consent to Armageddon expo photographing and potentially using your image and likeness for promotional or marketing purposes.

Can I record or livestream panels?
No, the filming and/or streaming of panels is not allowed.

Can I volunteer at Armageddon?
To express interest in volunteering at Armageddon check out our website: 

Who is the organiser of the show?
Beyond Reality Media Premiere Event Management Ltd. (BRM) Is the company that runs all of the Armageddon Expo events. BRM was created back in 1995 by Bill and Adele Geradts who are passionate about creating events for like-minded fans.

What kind of entertainment can I expect to see at the event?
There is a huge range of activities and entertainment available at Armageddon such as cosplay activities (including cosplay panels, a parade and competition), a chilli eating competition, live wrestling and collector card tournaments (Pokémon, Magic the Gathering). VR gaming and esports setups as well as there are also various vendors who provide activities like Laser Tag and game demos. Those who are attending to meet celebrity guests will enjoy the event Main Stage which will feature celebrity and event panels.

What can I buy at the show?
There is a huge range of exhibitors selling all sorts of goods including but not limited to pop culture merchandise, clothing and accessories, gaming tech, films, comics, games and handmade artwork and crafts.

Do you have to pay extra for panels?
No, all panels are free except VIP panels are only available for Premium Pass and Ultra pass holders. Schedules will be found here closer to the event: 

What celebrity guests are attending?
Our epic line-up of celebrity guests can be found here: Please note all Guests appear health and work commitments pending.

Where do I get tickets from?
Tickets for Auckland will be available through iTicket on August 1st

Do kids get in for free?
Children aged 4 years and under are free (with an accompanying paying adult) and do not require a ticket. Children 5-12 are $12.00 each.

Do you offer a Family Pass?
Yes, a Family Pass (2 adults and 3 children) is available for $60.00

Do you offer a Student Discount?
For Christchurch, yes a student ticket is available (with ID) for $15.00
We do not offer a student ticket for Tauranga at this time.

Do you offer a Senior Discount?
No sorry our event does not come with a senior discount option.

Do you offer a discount for carers?
No sorry our event does not come with a carers discount option.

Can you scan tickets from my phone or do I need them printed out?
We can scan printed tickets or digital tickets from your phone.

What is a Premium Pass?
A Premium Pass is one of the Armageddon VIP Passes. For more information on what the pass offers check out:

What is an Ultra Pass?
An Ultra Pass is one of the Armageddon VIP Passes. For more information on what the pass offers check out:

How do I get a photo or autograph with a celebrity guest?
You can only get an autograph or photograph by purchasing a token. One Autograph Token gets you one signature per guest per item (e.g. one DVD and one poster would require purchasing two tokens). One Photograph Token can include up to 3 people in the photo (excluding the celebrity guest or guests). Select Tokens may be available ahead of the event online. All Tokens are sold at the show at the Token Booth.

What is an Absentee Pack?
An Absentee Pack is the way to purchase an autograph if you can’t attend the show. Absentee Packs go on sale two weeks before the event. Simply chose the autograph you want and purchase the autograph and shipping and we’ll arrange the rest!

Can I get a personal item signed by a guest?
We provide a range of 8x10 prints for autographs however, you may choose to bring a personal item to be signed. The signing of personal items is at the discretion of the guest. Please do not bring anything inappropriate. Items such as DVD’s, books, pop figures and posters are acceptable.

Can I bring gifts for a guest?
Guests love meeting their fans at Armageddon. We understand sometimes you would like to bring presents as a sign of your appreciation of them however, please remember many of our guests have travelled from overseas and are often unable to take presents back home with them. If you bring a gift it is at the discretion of the guest if they accept it.

Can I take selfies with the celebrity guests?
Select guests may be available for selfie opportunities, you will need to purchase a Token for that option. Otherwise taking selfies with guests at their signing table, during their panel or on the convention floor is not allowed. Please purchase a photo op token if you would like a photo with a guest.

How many people can be in each photo op?
Up to three people per token (not including the guest) can be in each photo op. This means you can split the cost of a photo token three ways making a photo with your favorite guest super affordable!

Can I get multiple copies of my photo?
You sure can. Our photographer Gino and his team from Cactus Photography will have reprint options available at the Photo Collection area.

Where is the Token Booth?
The Token Booth is located next to the Celebrity Signing Area and Photo Booth.

I missed my photograph session, what can I do?
We recommend arriving at the Photo Booth at least 10 minutes prior to the allocated start time of your photo session and join the queue. If you do miss your allocated session, please head to the Token Booth to discuss your alternative options. Please note: Photo and Autograph Tokens are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Armageddon Expo is under no obligation to refund or exchange in circumstances of missed sessions.

Where do I pick up my celebrity photos?
We have a photo collection area located near the Photo Booth. Please allow between 30 minutes to an hour after the allocated photo session for your print to be available.

What is your refund policy?
Guests appears health and work commitments pending. Armageddon reserves the right to add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute artists and/or vary advertised programs, prices, venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity.

In regards to autograph and photograph tokens, If you have purchased an autograph or photo token for a guest who cancels their appearance you will be offered a refund or the chance to exchange your token(s) for another guest. Please note that photo and auto tokens for attending guests are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Armageddon Expo is under no obligation to refund or exchange in circumstances of missed sessions.

What cosplay props can I bring?
The Health and Safety of our attendees, staff and vendors is Armageddon’s number one priority, and we have a strict weapons and prop policy to ensure this, if you’re planning to attend any of our events with a prop, make sure it matches convention safety standards by checking out our Weapons and Prop policy here:

Please note: In light of the recent terror attacks in Christchurch we have recently updated our cosplay and weapons policy to include two new stipulations.

1. ALL real life inspired military clothing is not permitted; this includes costumes for characters from the likes of Stargate, Call of Duty, Captain America (in his military uniform, his superhero costume is fine) etc. If the characters costume is inspired by real life military or SWAT gear you will not be allowed to wear it at the event. Whilst people at the event may know which character you are dressed as members of the public outside of the event will likely not, this is one of the many reasons we feel the need to make this change. There is millions of characters out there you can cosplay, just don't pick one with a military uniform!

2. ALL realistic looking/ imitation firearms whether they are handmade, a toy or not will not be permitted. items that have the appearance of a working firearm, even where they do not function as one, are classified as imitation firearms. As imitation firearms can cause public alarm, these will not be permitted at our event. Weapons from sci-fi and fantasy shows and brightly coloured toy weapons that clearly do not resemble working firearms will be permitted.

What is your harassment policy?
At Armageddon Expo we value the safety of our attendees and want everyone to have a safe, enjoyable time at our event. We firmly believe in the saying cosplay is not consent. Please ask cosplayers before photographing them and treat all your fellow attendees respectfully. If you witness or experience harassment please tell a member of the Armageddon staff or security team.

What is the Cosplay Parade?
The Cosplay Parade is an opportunity to show off your awesome costume and efforts without the pressure of the competition. Anyone is welcome to join. To take part all you need to do is sign up on Friday 19th or Saturday 20th at the Info Desk. For more info check out our website: 

For other cosplay questions check out Cosplay FAQs Link: 

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