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Hello! I’m an Auckland based artist who loves to draw plants, witches, girls and magic. I’ll be exhibiting at Tauranga and Auckland events with art prints, tote bags, enamel pins, keychains and cute stationary. You can find more of my work on my Instagram, @xephia_art, my Tiktok, @xephia, or my Twitter, @xephia. Can’t wait to see you at Armageddon! Thanks for visiting!

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Upcoming Events

Palmerston North Armageddon

August 14-15th 2021, Central Energy Trust Arena
9am to 5pm Both Days

Auckland Armageddon

October 22-25th 2021, ASB Showgrounds
Friday 22nd October - 6pm to 9pm
Saturday 23rd October - 9am to 5pm
Sunday 24th October - 9am to 5pm
Monday 25th October - 9am to 5pm