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Artists Serapheir & NezumiTesla will both be at stall 32C!
Serapheir (real name: Deanna) is a digital illustrator and webcomic creator based in the Manawatu. She has always been passionate about anime, cartoons, video games, and drawing! She loves drawing characters and scenes that emphasize the mood, atmosphere, and the story behind the piece. You’ll be able to find her and her work at Armageddon Expo’s Artist Alley, where she will be offering art prints, stickers, charms, and mousepads from your favourite series, as well as some from her original webcomic "This Is Not The End;"!


NezumiTesla (real name: Jess) is a traditional and digital artist from Wellington. Nezumi loves drawing, anime, cartoons, video games, and crafts/making jewellery, which will be obvious from the selection of arts & crafts she will have on offer at Armageddon Expo’s Artist Alley! Up for offer will be a selection of art prints, stickers, handmade jewellery and other little goodies. She will also be offering on-the-spot commissions! Come say hello! 

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