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Our award-winning roleplaying games, boardgames, and fiction have been acclaimed as some of the most engaging and innovative of all time. For more than forty years, Chaosium Inc. has captivated gamers, readers and mythic adventurers worldwide.

We'll be running demo games of Call of Cthulhu from our booth (#81) across the long weekend. If you'd like to try out tabletop roleplaying, come along and have some spooky fun! No experience necessary, our Cult of Chaos volunteer Keepers will teach you the rules at the table!

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Upcoming Events

Christchurch Armageddon

March 6-7th 2021, Horncastle Arena
10am to 5pm Both Days

Wellington Armageddon

April 17-18th 2021, Sky Stadium

Tauranga Armageddon

June 12-13th 2021, Baypark Arena
10am to 5pm Both Days