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The Super Street Arcade is the world’s first giant outdoor arcade gaming system, created by Gap Filler with games developed by Cerebral Fix, that literally takes gaming to the streets!
The giant joystick standing over two metres tall with buttons the size of dinner plates, normally resides on the corner of Tuam and High St in Christchurch CBD but it’s making a special trip to the Armageddon Expo to feature as part of the show!

The Super Street Arcade will be loaded with two awesome NZ themed games from Cerebral Fix - Attack of the Cones and the new covid-19 response game - Lockdown Logistics. This will be the first public playing of Lockdown Logistics and we can’t wait to see what scores are posted over the weekend!

Attack of the Cones – is a uniquely Christchurch take on the 1980s classic Moon Patrol, featuring Christchurch buildings, public figures, evil road cones and more. The fun and playful game with a Christchurch flavour is bound to appeal to people of all ages. Attack Of The Cones was created by internationally acclaimed local game developers Cerebral Fix. The game has players guide Captain Jimmy Wheeler on his fast bike and salvaged alien blaster on a mission through Christchurch to save us from the invasion of alien road cones - a traffic threat of galactic proportions!

Lockdown Logistics was created by Gap Filer and CerebralFix in response to Aotearoa New Zealand going into Covid-19 Alert Level 4 ‘lockdown’. Players are invited to help keep the country running whilst following the rules of lockdown to beat the pandemic!
In the game, you are an elite driver whose mission is to keep the nation moving, delivering essential parcels and groceries to homes in lockdown. Pick up your essential parcels from the depot or supermarket, and navigate the map to deliver them to the right addresses as quickly as possible!
Like almost all of Gap Filler’s projects, Super Street Arcade is a free public amenity that hopes to bring some more energy, life and fun to this part of the city, encouraging people to play the game day or night.

About Gap Filler:
Gap Filler works with communities - and the public and private sectors - to design and deliver placemaking and development strategies that are the foundation for long-term community outcomes. Gap Filler creates installations, events and processes to make places more memorable, fun, participatory, surprising, equitable and sociable. Our testing ground is Ōtautahi Christchurch, where since 2010 our prolific and diverse output has invited people to experiment, engage in and reshape a place undergoing vast and rapid change. Our work has helped shift the identity of our conservative Garden City to “a city where anything is possible” (Christchurch City Council Strategic Framework, 2018). Drawing on this evolutionary experience, we deliver strategies, installations and support services all around Aotearoa New Zealand and the world. Gap Filler is a social enterprise and registered charity.

About CerebralFix:
Games are our lives. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, we have over 10 years’ experience crafting games and making fun. Working with some of the largest names in the entertainment industry our team of world class Developers, Artists, Designers and Testers have proven they are capable of working on pretty much anything the industry throws at them. There is no challenge that we will not consider if we think there is an opportunity to entertain and reach an audience.

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