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“We will create a heavily stylised, 1940s bulletin piece. Desaturated, dust and scratches. It would begin with spinning newspapers and photoshopped images of mad genius, Phineus Fowler, who built a ship to visit the centre of the earth. He’s a true victorian tinkerer, top hat, tails, a pocket watch and twirled moustache. A voice over sets the tone, it’s crackly - “And how!” - it talks of his mysterious disappearance on his first voyage.

Year’s later, it’s the 40s (THE FUTURE!) and this magical ship has been dredged from the bottom of the sea by workers on an oil rig. The world rejoices. What secrets does it hold? “This marvellous wonder belongs in our finest museum!” The aristocracy cries. But what’s this?! Phineus Fowler’s great great great nephew, Barnabus Clutterbuck, has other plans! He believes this masterpiece belongs to the world! He sets about restoring it to its former glory and, for a small fee, any one of the public can use this wondrous contraption for their next fete, garden party or county ball. Not to mention the snake oil salesmen who may want to peddle their wares with a little more pizzaz.

The intellectuals are outraged! I Say! It belongs in a museum! But Clutterbuck is steadfast, they are living in the past and the future is now. The ship belongs to all!”

Come and join the experience at the NEON area, section #41.


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