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PCG are a 3rd party authentication service that grade the condition of TCG cards and encapsulate them inside a plastic case with a label showing the condition grades we have assigned. With our modern label to display all relevant information and sub grades to break down each category the card is judged on, you will get an accurate condition rating based on professional global grading standards.
We are grading cards on sight with a special service and price for the Armageddon expo! Watch as your cards go through our grading system, jumping from step to step until your cards are ready to be picked up. The process is approximately 2-4 hours per submission. We recommend dropping your cards to us at the Card Merchant stand and collecting later in the day. If you drop cards after the same day window period we will inform you that if submitted these will need to be picked up the following day or shipped back to you.

Turnaround Times: All your orders will be finished within 2 to 4 hours of you submitting them on sight. Any order received after the 2-hour closing cut off, will be ready for pick up the next day. All Orders can be shipped at the customer’s request.
• Flesh and Blood
• Pokémon
• Dragon Ball Super
• Magic: The Gathering
• Digimon
• Metazoo

*Sorry sports cards fans, we do not yet do sports but follow us on social media as we aim to launch sports service in Q4 this year!
For more information come visit our friendly staff at the stand or visit 

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