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So you’re the hot shot survivalist in your group?

The Rambo or John Wick amongst your peers – right?

Well here’s your chance to prove it. Enter the Nerf battle arena to take on you friend, your friends, your enemies, a team of complete strangers or even the house team of “experts”.

All proceeds go to this year’s chosen charity – Child Cancer Foundation

Suitable for all ages, as long as you can hold the gun!

For lone wolves up to teams of 6 players per team.

Check out the video below for tips!

Note: No physical contact allowed in the arena. Eye protection is available.

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Upcoming Events

Auckland Armageddon

October 23-26th 2020, ASB Showgrounds
Friday 23rd October - 6pm to 9pm
Saturday 24th October - 9am to 5pm
Sunday 25th October - 9am to 5pm
Monday 26th October - 9am to 5pm

Christchurch Armageddon

March 6-7th 2021, Horncastle Arena
10am to 5pm Both Days

Tauranga Armageddon

June 12-13th 2021, Baypark Arena
10am to 5pm Both Days