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Appearing at Christchurch Armageddon - Saturday 11th 2:00pm - Christchurch Main Stage

Cosplay dance performance from Michel Sea, a maid idol from Akihabara. Michel sea will perform four songs, “No poi!” from “Is the Order a Rabbit?”, “Melancholic” from Vocaloid, “Kyunkyun Kyunkyun” from Kanmaid and her song “Kira Kira☆Akiba”.

Michel Sea
She’s an energetic Japanese Maid idol works for Akihabara No.1 maid cafe group Maidreamin. Her dream is to introduce Akihabara culture to the world. She studied coffee barista course in New Zealand.

From: Osaka, Japan
Hobby: Cosplay, Nekopara, Dancing, Singing, Drawing
Special skill: Moe talks, Drawing on Omelette Rice, Imitating dog
Favourite Colour: Pink 

Maid in Maid café Maidreamin

Casting in maid cafe Maidreamin TV Commercial

Auckland Japanday HOKO-10 ambassador 2016

Poster girl for NewZealand FUJIFILM INSTAX

NZ♡1DAY maid cafe in Auckland

CD single "Kira Kira☆AKIBA" 

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