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My Pop Culture Presents -
Magic the Gathering Tournament

Bookings are essential - Must book by 20th May
DCI Number and Deck list must be provided before the event.
As we will be running the Armagedon Tauranga Gaming and Tournament are we will be running a Standard MTG Tournament.

Format - Standard
Price - $10.00

Prize Structure

14-27 Players: Swiss + 1 Elimination Round for Top 4
Winner - 18 Boosters
2nd - 11 Boosters
3rd - 7 Boosters

28-54 Players: Players: 6 Rounds Swiss
Winner - 1 Box of Boosters
2nd - 22 Boosters
3rd - 14 Boosters

56+ Players: 6 Rounds Swiss
Winner - 2 Boxes of Boosters
2nd - 1 Box of boosters + 8 additional boosters
3rd - 28 Boosters

Additional prize support and certificates my be added

Please note your Armagedon Entry is not included in the price, you will need to purchase this to also.
Tickets are available at the door. Tickets will be on sale through from 1 April 2017

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