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MTG Adept Selectionals
Bookings are essential, bookings close a week before the event. Please provide your DCI number at check outs
They are the main way for players to earn invites to compete in the TITLE TROPHY, held at Representationals 2017 in Wellington. With $4000 cash up for grabs in the Top 8, this is easily one of the biggest tournaments in NZ - EVER!
1) Once you earn an invite, you CAN play more Selectionals. You can now play for byes. Up to 2 byes can be accumulated and only 1 bye is awarded when you top a Selectional already holding an invite.
2) To give players more chance to earn an invite to the TITLE TROPHY, we have implemented a points system. EVERY Selectional you play will award you 1 participation point. If you make the Top cut and lose your elimination match for the invite, you will receive 3 points (instead of 1) Once any player WITHOUT an invite reaches 7 points, they will automatically be invited to play in the TITLE TROPHY.

This year we will descend on NZ's capital for the second annual MTG ADEPT Representationals.
Where: Wellington Bridge Club, Thorndon, Wellington
When: Friday 25th August - Sunday 27th August
*THE TITLE TROPHY - Invite Only - Ways to Qualify:
1) Winning The Title Trophy the year prior - Well done Remi Pearce
2) Selectionals - Winning elimination match after top cut
3) LCQ's - Winning an 8 man knockout on Friday 25th August
4) WMC 2016 Team - Was announced early 2016
5) RPTQ Top 4 - If you got on the PT, you deserve a free invite
6) GP Top 8 - Heard this is pretty good too, have an invite
*STANDARD TROPHY - Open - $40 - Sunday 27th August
*MODERN TROPHY - Open - $40 - Saturday 26th August
*LEGACY TROPHY - Open - $40 - Sunday 27th August
*VINTAGE TROPHY - Open - $30 - Saturday 26th August
Whether you are playing for your share of $4000 cash, or you just want a weekend away to catch up with mates, play 2HG Ironman and trade - Representationals 2017 is the place to be!

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