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10am - Polaris Radio
11am - Ripship
12pm - Close to the Bone
1pm - Emma Dilemma
2pm - No Comply
3pm - Harper Finn
4pm - Dual


Harper Finn

‘Dark-pop’ singer-songwriter Harper Finn shuffles in mysterious ways. Growing up under an eclectic umbrella of influences, Harper bends the style boundaries of pop, centering his handwritten gems around an infectious kinetic energy and the twists and turns of youth and young adulthood. During Harper’s teenage years, he was the keyboard player in a sprawling 8-piece hip-hop group, playing gigs across New Zealand. Going from one cramped stage to the next, Harper decided to go it alone. His solo music is an ode to the coming of age; reflections on his life, on others’ lives, as observations of modern love and youth. Harper’s debut single ‘Conversations (with the moon)’ garnered the attention of the Australian market, where he bagged a spot on Triple J’s playlist and from there he continued to thrive, releasing a string of singles including ‘Good For Me’ (co-written with Dan Wilson of Semisonic), ‘Sundown’ and ‘Norway’. Since signing a deal with Atlantic Records in the US, Harper Finn returns with his biggest single to date - ‘Dance Away These Days’.



From the embers of kiwi four-piece Narwhal, a new and untamed beast was formed. Over the coming years, a perfect synergy would form between two kiwi songwriters, transcending into a propulsive force of nature. Makers of lush, low-key dancefloor anthems, DUAL bring together the raw, glacial power of lead vocalist Maurice Miller with guitarist Jamie Pyne’s dynamic guitar lines and electronic production for a heady mix of indietronica. The pair have supported the likes of Future Classic’s Fortunes and World Champion, performed festival spots at Rhythm and Vines, Rhythm and Alps and iconic 3-day dance party Splore. The duality in their sound is a thing of beauty; Jamie was captivated from a young age by the larger-than-life energy of Led Zeppelin, inspiring his approach to DUAL’s live set. Coming from a classically trained vocal background, the sheer power and rip-roaring energy in Maurice’s voice naturally progressed and developed as the years went by. At times, he goes from a gravel-filled snarl to light and airy reverberation, not dissimilar to early John Lennon. This year, the boys have released a string of singles including ‘Running Around My Head’, their kaleidoscopic track ‘Lately I Don’t Know’ and most recently, ‘What Do You Say?’.



No Comply

New Zealand rapper/producer duo, NO COMPLY take their music seriously, but themselves, not so much. Their music is bold and considered, yet they infuse a playful and melodic take on the rapidly changing, forever evolving, genre we know and love as hip hop. The Auckland-based brothers - Fynn and Ethan Blackwood - preach the importance of questioning the norm, and having the confidence to challenge and defy boundaries. NO COMPLY’s energetic debut single ‘Tic Tac Toe’ is a metaphor for the day to day wins and losses of internal struggles, friendships and life in general, and their second release ‘She Likes’ is a playful and melodic expression of originality that people can not only dance to, but feel connected with. Making music that celebrates individuality requires the unexpected. Machine gun vocals, punchy basslines, melodic undertones, and a focus on lyrics that are real and authentic are what the boys do - NO COMPLY are here to stay.


Emma Dilemma

It’s best you don’t try put Emma Cameron in a box. This quarantine queen’s impromptu photoshoots recently went global and has sparked an ongoing photo-essay on her life, starting with the lockdown. ‘Emma Dilemma’, the moniker for her solo music work has evolved into a lesson in irreverent self- acceptance and claiming back ownership of one’s image. “I used to try and define myself by my dreams or what I wanted to be, but now I realise a large strength of mine is that I can do anything I put my mind to, really.” So with that, Emma fuses her love for 90s grunge with bubble gum pop (and a hint of dance for good measure), essentially making music that she loves and considers it an added bonus that people are keen to join the ride. “My main passion is the music and performance,” she explains “I've been performing since I was 5 as a dancer and 15 as a live musician. I can't wait to make my debut as Emma Dilemma with my solo work at Armageddon 2020'.”



Ripship is a couple of alternative music and science-fiction lovers who met at a Miss June gig in 2018. Eva-Rae McLean (Drums, Vocals) and Callum Lincoln (Guitar, Synth, Vocals) both hail from Auckland, New Zealand, and spent their teenage years in ignorant proximity to each other attending all ages gigs in the Auckland scene’s golden age. These bands have greatly inspired and influenced Ripship’s musical endeavours.

A Ripship song always has a psychedelic science-fiction aesthetic; you’ll find them singing about giant robots, cyborg cowboys and the speculative evolution of man. Their sound has been described as shockingly heavy and full for a two-piece; a vocoding synthesiser fills the space a bass player would occupy. 



PolarisRadio produces a blend of instrumental rock and pounding dance beats, with a healthy dose of soaring synthesisers reminiscent of 1980s era movie soundtracks and synthpop anthems.
PolarisRadio’s live shows are a mix of loud guitar, synths and drum triggers, guided by DJ style dance sequences which allow him to seamlessly transition between instruments and tracks with the intention of delivering a hefty dose of energetic dance-rock.
In addition, aesthetics are a notable part of the retro-infused music he produces. PolarisRadio considers a strong visual presense to be vital to his performances, stemming from his background in graphic design and motion graphics. As such, he compliments his music and performances with bright and eye catching imagery, in addition to creating his own album artwork and other media.


Close To The Bone

Birthed in Auckland, New Zealand - Close to the Bone is a heavy-hitting, rock-and-roll, visual and musical experience.
You have to see it to believe it, and you'll never forget it.

After delivering an electrical tidal wave of shows throughout New Zealand, they recently sold out their first-ever headlining show to film the music video for their debut single "Sink In".

Now, Close to the Bone is coming to Armageddon Expo to perform on our grand stage their most meticulously crafted show to date.
Don’t miss out as they celebrate the upcoming release of their brand new single "Justice", the debut track from their worldwide anticipated EP.

Watch the music video for Sink In: 

Stream Close to the Bone on Spotify: 

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