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Whether you make or buy your costume, have an original design or base it on source material, all costumes are welcome in the Kids Cosplay Contest! This is a chance for the young ones to really get involved, without the pressure of the full cosplay contest with the full registration and pre-judging.


  • Entrants must be 12 years old or under (Parents/guardians will be welcome to walk the stage with their children)
  • All entrants must fill out an entry form (you can enter as a group)
  • Unfortunately as we'd like to be able to have as many entries as possible, we can't allow skits 
  • We ask that your props and costumes be made of materials that will not cause any harm to yourself and/or anyone around you
  • No running or acrobatics on stage, everyone's safety is paramount!
  • Please respect everyone involved in the contest, including the judges, helpers, and your fellow contestants!


Prizes TBC




On the day, head to the Armageddon Info Desk to find the signup sheet, fill out your details (ask an adult to help you with this part), and you're all set to take part! Make sure to sign up early, as we have limited spaces and they might fill up quickly. 15 minutes before the contest is due to start, head over to the main stage to line up in the order that you'll be heading on stage. 

Once the event starts, you'll be called up onto the stage one by one, and this will be your chance to show off your costume to the audience and celebrity judges. Once you've thrown a few poses and given the audience a chance to snap your photo, you'll leave the stage and take the chance to enjoy watching the rest of your fellow contestants as they have their own chance in the spotlight. When everyone has had their moment on stage, our celebrity judges will then take a moment compare notes, before they announce the top three winners.


How long do I have to sign up?
Signups will close 1.5 hours before the contest (so about 1.30pm on Monday in Wellington), or when all entry slots on the form are filled. If all entry slots are filled, the form will be removed from the Armageddon Info Desk, but if you're not sure, just ask, the staff at the info desk should be able to tell you if there are still spaces available or not.

My child wants to take part but they’re too young/shy to go up alone. Can I go on stage with them despite not being in costume?
Of course! Safety is paramount, so this is not an issue. Just line up with your child and let our helpers know you’ll be accompanying them on stage.

There are a group of us who want to enter together, but we're all wearing costumes from different series, can we still enter as a group? 
Yes that will be totally fine, but remember you will be judged as a group.

How do I know what order to go on stage?
Turn up at the main stage 15 minutes before the contest and find our helper – they’ll have the form and will be able to tell you what your number is.

Can I perform a skit on stage?
Sadly, no. We have limited time per entry, so if we allowed skits, it would mean cutting the number of participants, and we want as many people the chance to enter.

I’m not taking part, but can I take photos?
From the comfort of your seat, yes! Please note that aisles must be kept clear for health and safety reasons so only Armageddon Media Pass Holders are permitted to take photos from the aisles. If you are in an aisle and not a media pass holder you will be asked to move.

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