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Neon’s K-pop Showcase is back!

With the success of Auckland Armageddon’s first ever K-pop showcase in 2019, we are glad to announce a return for 2020. Join us from 4pm on Saturday 24th October, as we take to the main stage and show you what K-pop is all about!

Bring your best idol outfits! We’re all about celebrating everything that comes with loving Korean music, food and culture. This includes the dance culture, the fashion and beauty culture, as well as the delicious food originating from South Korea. At this event, you will find like-minded fanatics and bare witness to performances from New Zealanders who love K-pop as much as we do.

Rina Chae, Director and Choreographer at En Beat Dance Academy & Street Candee Dance Company – “Kpop to me means, childhood memories, Heated 90s fan rivalries & Just Pop culture I grew up with. I love kpop because now its a tool that brings people together globally, sharing love for music & dance”

Rachel Matela, CRAVE – “Many aspects of Kpop bring people together, from the music and the dancing to our love for the groups we support. Our lives are more colourful, happier, and more enjoyable thanks to Kpop”

Emma Weber, MDC dance crew – “Kpop to me means “community” especially here in little NZ at the bottom of the world. It’s a fandom where you’ll instantly have a thousand inside jokes, shared interests and dance routines with someone you just met! Which I think is amazingly special”

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